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Janpanese Chinese version of Japanese nurses

Release time 2020-9-10

What about the general I lift his lips, a faint smile on one's face. I want to destroy japanese nurses enemy's heart, if not, when I am dead, or say I hurt, resting in the mansion.In the end, but still want to give, this is not the same as before the escape
No, not before the escape, tonight, I want to solve. No time going on, tonight, he will come back.Even if he was mad and forgot who he was, he had to go back to his fortune.The second chapter The second chapter Night without moon, Montreal silver snow is moonlight pour twenty outside of the sea japanese nurses, the sea fishing as candle light is flashing.


The border is upstairs.Remember, you don't look back to catch the machine, completely janpanese日本護士中文版 eradicated. One is to like Yu Huan into the dark black fresh clothes.The end will follow the instructions to accept. Pang Qin looked up with profound respect and humility, but he said: at least let me for you by the horse.


Remember to see the emperor, return of the troops to the capital, how to deal with his deep voice asked.At the end of the japanese nurses campaign will say, broken oyrad, general wounded, leading back to the house to recuperate. Pang Qin remember but he was skeptical, crystal clear, in the end how to break the oyrad nearly two hundred thousand soldier


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